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Managing so much

Managing Marketing for over 20 years


You keep all of your existing relationships!

Our mission is to better manage everything brand and marketing-related for our clients so they can live simpler and happier lives.

We give business owners back their most important, irreplaceable commodity in life: THEIR TIME!

That’s why we do the heavy-lifting, so that our clients can get their time back and focus on the important things that matter to them.


Marketing YOUR business

We identify the holes in your current process and build custom plans that are tailored to your business and nobody else, and we manage the path forward.

Complete marketing solution

Overdryve manages all of your Marketing, without the pain of hiring a new employee, saving you thousands of dollars!

Working with the leading service providers

We have relationships with dozens of Service Providers to get you the best deal and the best support. Overdryve will perform a detailed analysis on all Service Providers to make sure you have the right team in your corner. Plus, we manage the relationships with your Service Providers so you don’t have to!!

Strategy best suited for YOUR business

Overdryve has a “NO cookie-cutter” approach!! Every business is different and every business has different goals, so every business should have their own customized plan! Whether you’re looking to increase your car count, improve your gross profit, or build a community brand, Overdryve can help you!

Time is money. We get that.

On average, we save our clients over 400 hours a year of time. What’s your time worth?


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John Bridgwater, Doral's Auto Repair

Mike is a dynamic, trusted professional

John Bridgwater, Doral's Auto Repair

Mike is a dynamic, trusted professional who I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. My wife and I think very highly of him and the incredible work he does for our industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is highly dependent on the type of campaign.  For example, if we put together a brake promotion and put an expiration date on it, there is much more urgency for them to take advantage of the offer before the expiration date.  If the campaign is a basic manufactured suggested maintenance schedule, there is much less urgency to the customer and they will likely come in at their own leisure.
  • Yes!  Our marketing method is proven to drive quality traffic to your business, not the bottom feeders!  We're seeing higher Average Orders, but more importantly, the type of traffic the business actually want.  Plus, on average, we save our clients over 400 hours per year of time by managing their marketing.  We guarantee our results or your next month is free!
  • Every business is different, so every business should have a marketing plan that's tailored to them and nobody else.  With Overdryve, we start by doing a detailed analysis on your current marketing situation to see 1) if you're actually getting results, 2) if we there's an opportunity to enhance those results and 3) if we can save you money with your service providers.  It's marketing that makes sense!
  • Overdryve monitors your online presence and marketing daily.  If there are any sudden changes in SEO, reviews, etc., we notify you immediately and present a solution to you.  Quick action to receive the best results, that's our goal!  Additionally, we meet monthly to go over the results of the program.  
  • There are lots of great marketing companies out there, so it's important to find one that's suitable for you!  WIth Overdryve, it is a tailored approach, so what we do for you, we don't do for anyone else!  Our Founder, Mike DelaCruz, has represented companies in the automotive aftermarket from every angle.  Business Management, CRM, Websites, SEO, Coaching, Peer Groups and more - Mike has done it all and he is an expert in the industry.
  • We work with multiple service providers to help boost your marketing to its greatest potential.  Additionally, we partner with the best companies in the industry so that if you need content, if you need Ads, if you need a product recommendation or anything to help grow your brand, Overdryve can help!
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